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Cynthia Bothwell and Benjamin F. Hobbs

Capacity Market Design With Renewable Capacity
Xiaomeng Xia and Alan Stone

Permanganate Oxidation of alpha-Hydroxycarboxylic Acids: Hammett Relationship and Metal Ions Catalysis
William P. Ball, Lisa Wainger, Ciaran Harman, Damian Brady, Ariel Ortiz-Bobea, W. Michael Kemp, Jeremy M. Testa, Laura Murray, Daniel Wilusz

Project Overview: Impacts of Climate Change on the Phenology of Linked Agriculture-Water Systems
Amanda Sun

Study of a Reactive Barrier for the Biodegradation of ChlorobenzeneContaminants in Groundwater

Johns Hopkins Engineering


EHE Laboratories


Environmental Health and Engineering


Ciaran J. Harman

Distinguishing sources of variability in catchment transit time distributions: climate, water balance partitioning, and ow-path dynamics
David Goodwin, Duc Phan, Zehui Xia, Tucker Gordon, Kris Marsh, Iruhany B, Sosa, Thomas Devahif, Cong Gao, Ed Bouwer, D. Howard Fairbrother

Carbon Nanotube (CNT) Loading Impact on Polymer Biodegradability in CNT/Polymer Nanocomposites
Dean Yacar, Pavlo Bohutskyi, Steven Chow, Kameron Adams, Jacquelyn Dillon Faculty Advisor: Edward Bouwer

Linking Phytoremediation and Algal Biofuel Feedstock Production
Jong Cho, Peter R. Wilcock, and Benjamin Hobbs

Topographic Filter To Identify Dominant Sediment Source Areas In a Watershed
Pavlo Bohutskyi, Steven Chow, Dean Yacar, Kameron Adams, Coral J. Fung Shek, Jacquelyn Dillon

AlgaFuture: Turning Waste into Biodiesel and Methane
Qian Zhang, Damian C. Brady, William P. Ball

Application of a USGS Statistical Tool (WRTDS) Toward Assessing Watershed Management and Reservoir Function in the Susquehana River Basin
Robin Broder Hytowitz and Benjamin Hobbs

Challenges For Balancing Area Coordination Considering High Wind Penetration
Daniel C. Wilusz, Ciaran J. Harman, and William P. Ball

Modeling The Linkages Between Transit Time Distributions and Climate Variability: Opportunites and Challenges in The Chesapeake Bay Watershed
Ciaran Harman, Minseok Kim, Luke Pangle, Till Wolkmann, Peter Troch, Charlene Cardoso, Marko Lora, Yadi Wang

Observation and Physical Interpretation of The Rank Storage Selection(rSAS) Function of a Weighing Lysimeter
Julie Shortridge and Seth Guikema

Multi-Objective Scenario Discovery for Climate Adaptation
Evangelia Spyrou, Jonathan Ho, Randell Johnmson, Andrew Bachert, Sai Koppolu, Benjamin F. Hobbs, James D. McCalley, Santiago Lemos-Cano, Armando Figuoero

Co-optimization of Transmission and Other Resources: A case Study of The Eastern Interconnection
Qian Zhang and William P. Ball

Concentration-Discharge (C-Q) Relationships for Nutrients and Sediments in Major Tributaries to Chesapeake Bay: Typical Patterns and Non-Staionarity
Se Jong Cho, Peter Wilcock, Benjamin Hobbs

Environmental Management Simulation of Sediment Pollution Mitigation in The Southern Central Minnesota
Cassandra L. Cosans, Janet S. Herman, and Aaron L. Mills

The Impacts of Variations In Goundwater-Stream Hydrologic Connectivity On Nitrogen Fluxes on The Eastern Shore of Virginia
Daniel C. Wiluscz, Ciaran J. Harman, William P. Ball

Implications of an "Inverse Storage Effect" (ISE) On The Sensitivity of Watershed Transit Times To Rainfall Variability at Plynlimon, Wales

Johns Hopkins Engineering


EHE Laboratories


Department of Environmental Health and Engineering


Qian Zhang, Ciaran J. Harman, William P. Ball

Evaluation of Methods for Estimating Long-Range Dependence (LRD) in Water Quality Time Series with Missing Data and Irregular Sampling
Shane M Putnam, Ciaran J Harman

Combining New Theory and Multi-Scale Observations to Explore Hydrologic Transport Processes and Their Relationship to Catchment Structure in a Small Piedmont Watershed
William P. Ball, Qian Zhang, Damian C. Brady, Walter R. Boynton

Long-Term Loads of Nutrients and Sediment from Non-Tidal Regions of the Chesapeake Bay Watershed: An Assessment of Seasonal Trends and Progress
Ashley Ball, Ciaran Harman, and Adam Ward

A novel approach to in- and near-stream transport for transient flows across spatial scales
Pavlo Bohutskyi, Kexin Liu, Laila Nasr, Natalie Byers, Julian N. Rosenberg, George Oyler, Michael J. Betenbaugh, Edward J. Bouwer

Integrated biofuel feedstock production and wastewater remediation: algal strains screening and process optimization
Pavlo Bohutskyi1, Ben A. Kessler, Thomas Kula, Steven Chow, Kexin Liu, Edward J. Bouwer, Michael J. Betenbaugh, F. C. Thomas llnutt

Enhancing Energy Performance and Assaying Nutrient Recycling Potential for the Sequential Photoautotrophic-Heterotrophic Algal Biofuel Production System
Pavlo Bohutskyi, Edward Bouwer

Integrating Anaerobic Digestion with Algal Cultivation Systems: Enhancement of Biomethane Production Through Thermochemical Pretreatment
Xitong Liu and Kai Loon Chen

Interaction of Graphene Oxide with Model Cell Membranes
Di Ha, Hengchen, Wei, Qian Zhang, William P Ball

Restropect Analysis of Sediment-Associated Phosphorus (SAP) concentration in The Non-Tidal Chesapeake Bay Watershed (NTCBW)
Hengchen Wei, Di Ha, Qian Zhang, William P. Ball

Effectiveness of Nitrogen Assimilation in Non-Tidal Chesapeake Bay Watershed: Evaluations Based on Thirty Years of Data
Di Ha, Hengchen, Wei, Qian Zhang, William P Ball

Nitrogen Source Input from The Non-Tidal Chesapeake Bay Watershed and Output in The Major Rivers: Evaluation of Changes Based on Long-term Data
Qian Zhang and William P. Ball

Decadal-Scale Trends of Nutrients and Sediment from The Non-Tidal Chesapeake Bay Watershed: Are We Making Progress In Loading Reduction?
Hengchen Wei, Qian Zhang, William P. Ball

Retrospect Analysis of Phosphorus Source Input and Riverine Output in Chesapeake Bay Watershed
Laiyin Zhu, Seth D. Guikema, Takeru Igusa

An Agent-Based Model for People's Mitigation Strategies in Hurricane Winds
Laura MacDonald, Christopher Kelley, Erica Schoenberger, William P. Ball

Household Water Treatment and Safe Storage: Knowledge Development & Diffusion in Scientific Literature
Logan Brunner, Mary Catherine Wallace, Grace Brush

Tree Distributions, Subsurface Characteristics and Nitrogen Cycling
Thomas Ying-Jeh Chen and Seth D. Guikema

Google Search Volume as a Proxy for Post-Hurricane Behavior: Initial Investigation

Johns Hopkins Engineering


EHE Laboratories


Department of Environmental Health and Engineering